July 5

I was on vacation last week at the beach.  Tuesday evening we heard that a "deadly lightning" storm was headed our way.  The word "deadly" as an adjective for lightning in a weather forecast was foreign to me.  As it was getting darker outside, we went out on the deck and saw clouds coming from the northwest.  We have never been at the beach when such low, dark clouds were rolling in, and they were coming in fast.  The forecast recommended to seek shelter and stay away from the windows because the wind was expected to break off tree limbs and signs and they could fly through the windows.  The children were nervous, the adults were nervous, too.  We sat in the middle of the house, together, and watched the storm.  The lightning was bright and the thunder was close.  The children didn't have to count long between the lightning strikes and thunder to see how far away it was.

Life can have the same type of drama.  We sense the clouds dark and low upon us and we wonder if we will get through it safely.  Someone will turn the tables and strike unexpectedly.  So how do we get through the storms of life?  I guess the same way we get through the "deadly lightning" storms we can see.  We stay together with God and know that he is counting with us between the lightning strikes and the thunder.

Lord, please hold my hand when the expected and the unexpected negative dramas of life are turbulent.  Help me to steer around the storms, and when I can't, help me to get through them safely. Amen.

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