December 5

Life isn't always pleasant.  It seems that’s when Jesus shines upon me the most, or is it at those times I seek His light and warmth.

It was this time of year 11 years ago.  My life was turning upside down and inside out.  When I was in public, I thought I was acting so stoic that no one would notice the pain I stored inside me.  One day, I was having my hair washed and cut.  My hairdresser always kept her conversations light, never too personal.  But this one particular day, she was cutting on my right, then turned to my left, and, out of context, she said, “Take all your problems and put them in a box and give them to God.”  What?  Where did that come from?  Sounded like a Sunday School line.  But that was it, she said nothing else.  I wondered if she knew what she just said.

Okay, put my problems in a box.  I knew it wasn't a real box about which she spoke.  I imagined putting my problems in a box, but they never really left me, and I was still hurting and frustrated.  Finally, one night, after crying into my pillow, again, I was about to give up.   It suddenly occurred to me what all this meant.  In my mind, I pictured a huge box, it was gold in color.  There was a ladder next to the box, the lid was open.  I shed everything I had and everything I wore, and I climbed up the ladder and got into the box.  And I gave the box, with just me in it, to God.  I cried big tears, this time not from frustration, but with joy, because I was relieved.  I knew then that God was with me and I was no longer alone.  I felt his warmth wrapped around me, comforting me, and it gave me strength.  I was rejuvenated and able to face my turmoil with confidence.

Dear God, thank you for sending angels into our lives to carry your message of hope and salvation.

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