December 17

When Christmas is just around the corner, one thinks of opportunities to gather with family and friends.  It is also a time to appreciate those who are no longer with us.

When I was a child, Christmas Day was celebrated at my Great Aunt’s house.  My great grandmother, the matriarch of the family, oversaw the preparations.  She sat at the kitchen table snapping beans and all the women of the family would sit around and share stories that often resulted peals of laughter.

Grandma was a woman of unbending faith who set an example for all whether by word or deed.  Sometimes we would question her, but mostly we listened and tried to follow her example.  To everyone’s amazement, she lived well into her nineties.
            One of her many poems……
Oh, dear Lord, I do implore,
Love me, Savior, more and more;
Help me do as thou would’st do,
Ever loving, always true.

Savior, hear me as I pray;
Bend Thy loving ear this way,
As before Thee I do bow,
Jesus Savior, love me now.

Round me throw Thy loving arm,
Keep me free from every harm,
Fill me full of loving grace,
Let me see Thy smiling Face.

Precious Lord, upon me smile,
Though within I am beguiled
Forgive me, Lord, of all my sins,
Make me pure and clean within. Amen

Dearest Lord, thank you for the opportunity to remember loved ones who were bold in their faith.  Help me reflect the love that you have shown in my life and be an example to those around me.

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