December 29

I love the anticipation of Christmas, all the Christmas music and decorations, the joy that seems more prevalent in the community, and the increased generosity evidence in December.  But, I also feel so let down by the way Christmas ends a day or so after -- the radio plays popular songs again, the stores put everything Christmas in the back and on sale, and people take down their decorations.  Our culture celebrates Christmas as an ending -- we get our gifts, eat the big meal, hug our families, and go back to life as usual.  

Christmas is actually all about beginnings.  A baby, the most important baby ever, was born and only starting his life on earth.  The chapter of the salvation story which culminates at Easter begins at Christmas.  I need to remember that, as I go back to my regular schedule and life as usual.  Christmas joy and peace and love are renewed every Dec. 25th, continue throughout the twelve days of Christmas season, and never end.

O God, help me to remember that you are the source of joy and peace and love, not the lights or tinsel of the season.  Help me to continue to spread the “Christmas” spirit, your Spirit, throughout the whole year.  Amen.

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