December 1

When my brother and sisters and I were playing outside as children, my mother would call us in for dinner by whistling two particular notes.  They were our notes and when we heard them, we knew it was Mom calling. When we heard her whistle, we answered that we were coming.   

     The season of Advent is a whistling call - it is an announcement for us to listen and to come home to God in prayer. 

     We can picture Mary, the mother of Jesus, as an example of the stages of prayer.   When the angel came to her, she responded that she was open and listening. She heard the whistle of God through the angel and she was ready to listen.  She was awake, attentive, open to God's presence and action in her life.  May we be open and ready to let go of ourselves into the waiting arms of our loving God. 

     After listening for some time, Mary declared, "Let it be with me according to your word."  Her comment tells us that she was intentionally ready for God to be present with her and to move in and act in her life as God wills.  May we offer prayers that indicate our willingness and commitment for God to work in and through us.  

     As a result of her listening and willingness to accept God's action in her life, God moved in her in such a way that the word of God became flesh as Christ was born in her.  Jesus, the living Word of God became flesh and became known through her.  May we be channels for the word of God to act in us, and so become real and present in our lives. 

     Loving Christ, as Mary showed us how to pray and as we grow in our relationship with you this Advent season, we pray that we will allow you to become ever more present through us.  Amen.  

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