September 5

I've spent time, Lord, among your people today, walking through their streets and noticing how they live.  Some are doing okay, others are struggling.  I passed a house that was very quiet.  The car in the driveway had a for sale sign on it.  And along side the for sale sign was a handmade sign that read, "This isn't the life I ordered."  All I could think of, Lord, was they weren't looking in the right places and considering other paths that You may have placed before them and they were more interested in their ideas.  I wonder, Lord, what life they had ordered.  Another house had an eviction notice taped on the front door, Lord.  I know there must have been lots of pain and sorrow inside this house.  The sign read that it was from the mortgage company.  I wondered, Lord, if the head of household had lost her/his job.

Lord, I am tired.  The day has been long.  Please watch over these people whose homes I passed, the people reading this, and me, Lord.  Hold us in Your arms, give us comfort.  I pray we can sense and feel your love.  Amen ... Good night.

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