September 3

          Recently my son, who is now 54 years old, surprised me when, during a casual conversation, he mentioned remembering several decisions I made when he was about middle school age.  They were decisions important to me at the time and not inappropriate to discuss in the presence of children, but which I considered  not to be of much interest to a young person of ten or twelve years of age.  But he obviously had noted them, and remembered them deeply enough that they were recalled many years later and had had a positive influence on his value system.

          I should not have been surprised. As I reflected, I thought of things my parents had made decisions about that I recalled in a positive way and that they probably had not considered very important to me.

          All of this gives new depth to Jesus’ words, “I have set you an example that you should do as I have done to you.” (John 13:15)  Jesus not only revealed God’s love and grace, and compassion in his life, but by his life set for us an example for the value system and life styles we develop.  The power of Jesus’ life gets passed along that way and changes the world that way.

          What a gift we have in the life of Jesus and what a charge we have from him to let the power of that life fashion ours so as to reflect his example!  Thank you God.  Help me to so live that someone may say in thinking on us---“I remember that.”  Amen

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