June 27

Prayer Fitness

Frequently I see people checking their ‘Fitbit’ bands to assess their fitness readings. Have you ever checked your prayer fitness? I work in a building with 10 flights of stairs and my office is located on the sixth floor. I take the stairs each morning and combine my daily prayers with the exercise. For each flight of stairs I concentrate on a prayer. I call this my Prayer Fitness.

Today went as follows:

Flight 1: God, help my dear friend, Bev, recovering from eye surgery. Provide comfort and healing and lessen her anxiety.

Flight two: God, help me with my staff meeting I am leading today. Guide my ability to provide clear information and promote the skills I need to accomplish the agenda.

Flight three: God, bless my brother who is taking a new medicine for his long term struggle with Parkinson’s. Continue to provide relief from the side effects associated with the previous medicine. Keep him hopeful.

Flight four: Bless my daughter who is now the mother of three. Help her to have patience and understanding with the older children. Please help them to feel confident of their love and place in the family.

Flight five: Continue to bless my daughter and fiancé as they plan their wedding. Provide answers to the planning and decisions. Help in the selection of invitations!

Flight six: Help me provide encouragement to my co-workers today and seek out those who need a moment of kindness.

Maybe it is a flight of stairs, a walking trail with benches, blocks around the neighborhood, laps in a pool, street turns on a bike, or stores in a mall, I encourage you to find ways to be ‘prayer fit’. 

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