March 5


This winter has been hard for many people.  If we aren't looking at white snow, it's the dirty snow that has been plowed.  The trees, grass, and plants are drab brown or grey, and in most cases, covered with white or dirty snow.  The ice has been scary to walk or drive upon, but it does sparkle on the few clear days and nights.  Otherwise, the sky has been low with blue and darker clouds.

Help!  I'm in need of color.  Last week I was on the hunt to find it.  We found a conservatory to walk through that had palms, ferns, and beautiful orchids.  It was refreshing for my weary eyes.  A small paradise of life found surrounded by winter's cold and dullness.

God is everywhere - found in the snow, the ice, the cold, and dark days of winter.  But I don't seem to notice God's hand until I'm awakened by the magnificence of nature's color.  Lord, help me to see you in the people, the animals, and in the nature that is close around me, no matter the color or the temperature.  But I do thank you for the moments and opportunities that sparkle and grab me to remind me you are still here.

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