April 25

Today is beautiful but chilly.  I look out the window and it appears sunny and warm. I go outside and shiver in the chill breeze.  What other things in my life are not what they appear to be?  Are there places in my community that appear pleasant but are not?  What attractive traps do we encounter every day?  I think not only about the person who seems sweet and is actually venomous, but also about the lulling comfort of ignoring pain and injustice.  I think about retail therapy.  I think about our assumption that we are in the right.  Where might we be deceiving ourselves about what is sinful and what is righteous?

Gracious God, please forgive our blindness to our own sin and our acceptance of societal sin.  We know that you are loving and will forgive us.  Help us to be as forgiving as you are.  Help us to let go of our self-righteousness.  Help us to see the sinfulness behind the pleasant exterior and to stand against it.  We thank you for granting us humility and courage.  In the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.

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