June 1


  We come from two families who like to have their backs scratched.  In Carol’s family, it was her grandmother who used to scratch hard but good.  In my family, it was my father who was the number one back-scratcher.  We used to say that Gramps was the best “scratch-backer” around.  All of the children and grandchildren looked forward to sitting on his lap and having their back scratched. There was no debate about who was best.  We all enjoyed telling the story almost as much as having our back scratched.  Sitting on his lap and having his attention on us was invigorating and peaceful - and a wonderful way to feel close to him.

     Prayer is like sitting on God’s lap and having God’s loving attention fall on us.  I wonder what some of father’s fondest memories of his times with the children and grandchildren were?   Now that I have the perspective of being a granddfather myself, and enjoy the unique pleasure of having our granddaughter sit on my lap and nuzzle her face into my chest, I can understand that my father took as much pleasure in scratching our backs as we did.

     The same is true for God.  God’s greatest delight in loving us is when we, in child-like dependence and faith, climb into the Divine lap in prayer and simply spend time together.  When we stop racing around and rest our thoughts on God, knowing that God is there to love us deeply, God receives as much pleasure as we do.  So take some precious moments today to sit on God’s lap and allow God’s strength and peace to fill you and know that you are giving God great joy as well. 

    God, remind me that you have the best lap around and that I can come to you anytime and together we will find rest.  Amen. 

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