September 25

            The world can be a scary place. There are many things that will frighten even the bravest of souls. Perhaps what scares us the most is the feeling of uncertainty, of not being sure what will happen next, of not feeling in control of events. We like to think we are in total control of it all, but then life throws us a new plot twist and everything gets thrown off-kilter. We wonder how we are ever going to deal with this new thing. Some people adapt quickly; others take longer or not at all.
            The Bible is full of events that quickly spiraled out of control for the people who were living through them. The Great Flood is one of them. So is the exile of the tribes of Israel after centuries of misrule and sin. There are many bad things that can happen to people, but I should think that having your home destroyed and being uprooted and exiled to a place you know nothing about would be among the worst.
Jesus, too, probably had a moment of uncertainty before He went off to be crucified, when He beseeched God to take the cup away if at all possible. He didn’t want to do this, but He realized that if everything was to be made right, He had to die a violent, agonizing death. He submitted to God’s will. Trusting and letting go is not easy. “Let go and let God” is easier said than done because we are stubborn and fearful creatures. May we find the discipline to trust that even though things may be uncertain now, we will find our way to the light.


September 12

Listen to Your Nudges

“We are not called to save the world, to solve all problems, and help all people. But each of us has our own unique call, in our families, in our work, in our world. We have to keep asking God to help us see clearly what our call is and to live out that call with trust. Then we will discover that our faithfulness to a small task is the most healing response to the illnesses of our time. “
-Henri Nouwen, Bread for the Journey

I think we sometimes feel like we need to do BIG work for God, but the longer I am this spiritual journey, I realize that the little things make a difference. The Holy Spirit nudges us and sometimes we listen and sometimes we don’t. I try to listen to the nudges and act on them. 

About a year ago I gave a devotional to a friend. I really don’t remember why I ordered it for her, just got a little “nudge” to do it.  When I gave it to her she began to cry and said the day before had been the worst day of her life. I did not ask her what happened, I just hugged her.  Over the past year she has shared with me and we have had many spiritual discussions. She said the devotional was a spark that pushed her back to her faith during a really tough time.  I have since given her another devotional and she gave me a thank you card telling me how helpful and insightful the books have been for her. She said she was once told that one of the greatest things a person can do for another is to lead them closer to God. She felt like I helped her on her spiritual journey. I do not take any credit for this, other than acting on a nudge. 

Trust your nudges and act on them and who knows what will happen!

“Christ has no body now on Earth, but yours. No hands, but yours, no feet but yours. It is your eyes with which His compassion looks out on the World. Your feet with which He walks about doing good. Your hands with which He blesses humanity. Your voice with which His forgiveness is spoken. Your heart with which He now loves….” -St Teresa of Avila