December 9

      Recently a video was posted online that went viral. In the video, an elderly gentleman fakes his own death, so his adult children, who appear to be very busy with their careers and lives, will come home. Distraught, his children arrive at the family home where their father lives, only to find the dining room table set for Christmas dinner, and their elderly father standing in the doorway. It ends with the family sitting at the table, laughing and enjoying their time together. The idea of someone planning such a thing is pretty extreme, but what a powerful message. So many of us are busy to the point of distraction this time of year. Let us not forget to share Jesus' love with family and friends by making time to be with our loved ones. Sometimes we must eliminate a few events or chores on our busy schedule to make time for the important people in our lives. Time spent with loved ones is a precious gift.

Dear Father, I am thankful for the gift of family and friends. Amen

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