December 7

My grandfather was stationed in Hawaii during World War II, but it was after Pearl Harbor- probably as a result of Pearl Harbor.  He worked deciphering the codes of the Japanese communications, but that is all I know about his military service.  He didn't talk about his time in the Navy.  Certainly, his life changed as a result of Dec. 7th,, as did his wife's and the entire nation.  Life is like that.  We go along in our lives as though it will continue in the same old same old.  Then, something happens, and everything changes.  The change can be amazingly good or amazingly not good, but it is a significant change.

We rely on God , who does not change and who is our constant and firm foundation.  We look to God for direction and wisdom.  We pray that God will show us the way we should go in the midst of all the uncertainty of change.

O holy and mighty God, in the midst of violence and the threat of violence, in the frightening uncertainty of our world, help us to stay close to you.  There has always been reason to fear; help us to trust in you for our reason to be brave.  Help us to find peace in the presence of your Spirit.  Amen.

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