December 5

The Power of Prayer?

I was listening to my local National Public Radio station this morning.  They had a segment on "The Power of Prayer" - wondering if there really is any power to prayer.  The commentator brought up the alarmingly lengthy list of the latest massacres - those that have been identified as terrorist attacks and those of individuals who have purchased guns and ammunition and decided to murder innocent people.  He commented on the fact that after each event, someone is quoted to say: Our/My thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the victims.

Anyone reading this post has stopped whatever you were doing the first time you heard of another shooting - you've stopped, bowed your head, closed your eyes tightly, and reached out to God.  There is a myriad of requests you could have had running through your thoughts as you reached out to God.

The NPR commentator closed his segment by saying: the merit of your thoughts and prayers is based on what you DO after you say amen.  

Hmmmm.  Interesting comment to me.  Do we just go on with our life and forget about the madness for which we just prayed?  We tossed this horrible problem to God, but what do we expect God to do?  If we are God's hands, feet, and mouth, God will give strength and guidance - trust in God.  

So what can we do?  Begin by contacting your government representatives.  Let them know your feelings and opinions.

Can the Power of Prayer lead to PEACE ON EARTH?  I pray it does!

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