November 9

Walking in the mornings this week with my neighbor was wonderful. We were surrounded by the beauty of this autumn season, and we both agreed that it looked like God had dabbed the trees with a paintbrush to produce such magnificent fall colors. I am not only thankful for the beauty of these fall mornings, but also for our friendship. My neighbor and I have been walking in the morning for almost thirty years, and during this time we have developed a special friendship. Over the years, we have shared our joyful times and our difficult times. My friend is very special because not only does she listen, but she gives encouragement when needed. More importantly we pray for each other; whether they are prayers of thanks, comfort, strength, or guidance. I realize what a blessing it is to have had the opportunity to walk with such a special friend all these years.

Father, I thank you for the gift of friendship. Amen

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