November 5

When was the last time you sat with a friend 
and listened?

Years ago I went to an informal seminar.  One of the speakers was a Rabbi.  She emphasized the necessity of a sabbath.  She said a sabbath does not have to be the day that was assigned by humans - Saturday or Sunday, whichever your faith deems as the Sabbath Day.  She said it is the 7th day.  She said, "Pick a day and make it your Sabbath."

Okay, so I pick a day.  The Rabbi went on, "Now, turn off your electronics.  Look around.  Sit down with a friend or your family.  Listen.  And acknowledge you are listening.  Take a look at and care for the world God has created for you."

I see parents walking with the children, looking at their phones.  Rush, rush, rush.  Facebook, Twitter, internet, email, text messages - well, we are reading - but are we listening?

Lord, help me slow down once a week and pay attention to You and the friends, family, and nature you have created for me.  Because when I appreciate them, I am appreciating You.

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