October 21

I was recently with a group of young children who were talking about what they wanted to be for Halloween.  It struck me that we say, "what I want to be" rather than, "what costume I will wear".  When I was young I didn't literally mean that I wanted to BE someone or something else for Halloween.  But, I also didn't just mean that I had a good costume to wear.  In some sort of, partly, kind of way, I did want to step out of myself to become what I was wearing.  At least, I was not completely who I normally was; I was perceived differently and treated differently.

Young children do take on what they perceive to be behaviors of the characters they "become" for Halloween.  They growl like monsters or step royally like a princess or cackle-laugh like a witch.

God has created us to be who we are, but also to be the person God created us to become.  God loves us completely as the person we are now, but has plans for us to become an amazing person, if we work with the Spirit to become that person.

Let's follow the example of the children and take on the characteristics of the persons God wants us to be!

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