October 11

There are some things that are good for me but I really hate them, kale, for example.  I dislike the taste of kale and the taste of okra.  I know that there are foods that are good for me and which I also enjoy.  But, eating them isn't as wonderful as eating ice cream.  Discipline is difficult!  The spiritual disciplines can be difficult, too.  Fortunately, there are a lot of spiritual disciplines.  Prayer is often considered a spiritual discipline and I suppose there are ways to pray that are very disciplined.  But, I have always considered prayer an ongoing conversation with God.  At certain times, I try to listen more than talk, but I more or less talk with God all day.  Fasting is a spiritual discipline which I find very difficult.   I guess fasting is like kale for me, while prayer is like ice cream.

Gracious Lord, I thank you for creating a variety of people and preferences.  Thank you for ice cream!  Please be with me to help me become molded more fully into the person you created me to be, even if it is difficult.  In Jesus' name. Amen.

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