February 11

My email lurks sometimes.  It waits ready to pounce with a problem or bad news.  My email also lingers gently sometimes.  It waits to offer solutions, answers, and good news.  The presence of those tidbits and connections is constant, waiting for me, even when I'm out of reach.  As constant as email is, I have seldom offered my email to God.  It seems so prosaic, somehow, too ordinary.  There are a few email conversations that I have steeped in prayer, but usually, I just read and type without a particularly spiritual thought.  What differences might arise if I prayed as I opened my inbox and hit the send button?

Gracious Holy Spirit, help me to offer all I do to you, even the ordinary stuff, like email.  Please bless the words I send.  Help me to compose with love so that you will permeate every word.  Bless those who send me email and those who receive the email which I send.  In the name of Jesus, our Lord, Amen.

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