July 29

My grandsons and I like to play UNO. It is a simple card game that anyone can play from kindergarten to seniors. The games are usually quick, so we play several games in a sitting. After the games the winner is required to do a victory dance and the others shake hands and say congratulations.  None of this competition involves “trash talk” or demonstrations of poor sportsmanship from either party. What a fun way to practice what it means to have fun that is not at the expense of another person.
Hopefully these simple opportunities to practice civility will spill over into other parts of their lives. Isn’t that what God asks us to strive for no matter where we are?

Dearest Lord and Savior,
Help me to pay special attention to the way I treat others during this day. I want to recognize opportunities to speak and act in a loving, civil way.  I want to remember how you sent your son, Jesus Christ, to be the ultimate example of love and civility.
The caring and acceptance he offered those who needed help are the example I want try to emulate daily. When I stray, bring me back to your word as a reminder of your desire for us to be more like you. I ask this in your Holy name.


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