July 13

As a child, I loved to play "pick up sticks" at my grandparent's house.  All those long colored sticks that you would pour out of the tin can.  You wanted to see how many sticks you could pick up without moving the others.

As an adult, picking up sticks is not near as much fun.  With the rain and wind, our yard has had many sticks in all different shapes and sizes.  Most of these sticks are plain but some of the branches even show the beginning of the tops of acorns forming.  Last year we had so many acorns under our oak tree.  The squirrels had such a good time gathering those acorns getting ready for the winter months ahead.  It was like they were on a treasure hunt to see how many they could find.  Sometimes they stopped along the way to eat a few.  The acorns were the food for the winter that the squirrels knew they had to collect to survive.

We have been given many treasures from God to take care of and we need to be good stewards/keepers of those treasures.  The job of caring for God's treasures is not a job for just one person but for everyone.  Unlike our game of "pick up sticks" where we don't want to move any others' sticks, let's bundle up our sticks. There is strength in working together!

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