July 11


I took this picture of my tomatoes this afternoon.  It's been weeks since I planted and I have been anxiously waiting for fruit.  And today, one of my green tomatoes is red, but not ready for picking!  I still must wait.

When I think about my anticipation for my tomatoes to grow -- wondering if I have given them all the right-stuff: the right amount of fertilizer, the right soil, the right location for rain and sun, the right posts to grow upon, and the right way to keep the rabbits from eating my fruit -- I thank God for this opportunity.  

While I wait to see if any of my plants produce, I know that God has given me something greater, and that is GRACE.  I don't have to wait for it.  Sometimes I wonder, though, because I am a person who isn't perfect nor all-knowing and, most time, too stubborn.  It is something that I don't realize until after the fact ... that God granted me the GRACE before I needed it, while I need it, and He will continue to grant me grace, even when I am not anticipating it.

May you realize that God has already granted you His grace; it is already there.  You don't have to wait in anticipation for it!

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