March 23

Dear Father,
I know that the most important thing about me is the way I think. My thoughts affect the way I see and understand everything.

Is there anything You want me to rethink today?

So many forces in the world compete to form my thoughts. I hardly know what to believe and where to find the truth.
The magazine in the grocery store checkout line wants me to think that my husband will probably have an affair if I don’t lose 10 pounds. The advertisement on television wants me to think that I am a bad mom if I don’t feed my children a certain brand of peanut butter. An unhappy friend wants me to think that I am a thoughtless person because I couldn’t fill her emptiness.

These confusing thoughts leave me uncertain. They affect how I approach Your Word and how I filter Scriptures to make them more comfortable. These thoughts affect how I interact with You.

Help me, Father, to change my world view and my religious paradigms so that I might truly understand Your Kingdom. Help me to change my thinking so that I will know You better and become the person You created me to be.

What do You want me to rethink today?


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