March 13

We are quickly approaching Holy Week.  Next Sunday is Palm/Passion Sunday, when we begin our observance of this, the holiest and most profound seasons of the Christian year.  The church in which I grew up usually observed Palm Sunday, not adding the Passion to the worship.  We waved palms and sang joyous songs.  We heard the scripture of Jesus riding humbly into Jerusalem and what a juxtaposition that was for the Messiah.  We didn't hear about the Passion part of the story.  We would hear those scriptures read and preached on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.  And we did.  We went to church on those days and experienced the sorrow and pain of betrayal and death.  Easter seemed the sweeter and more joyful because we had lived again those sad stories.  Jesus' death and resurrection flowed over several days.  We had time to absorb the roller coaster of emotions that are contained in Holy Week.

Almighty God, your love fills us with awe.  You gave yourself  for us out the the abundance of your love.  We thank you and praise you.  Amen.

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