November 5


Opportunities come our way everyday.  There are some we like; then there are some (at the time) we don't like.  To call them all blessings ... seems weird.  But when you look back at the good and the not so good opportunities, we see that we gained.  With each opportunity there is an experience, and maybe a lesson, maybe a new friend, maybe information about a friend that you learn they weren't really a friend after all.  A bad opportunity could lead us to learn more about our self, maybe it means we need to take a class or seek help.  A good opportunity could lead us into a new direction.

God blesses us when we don't think we need it, before we need it, and continues to bless us, not because we deserve it, just because.  Wow.  Pretty cool.

Thank you, Lord, for seeking me out, for hanging in with me even when I don't think I deserve it, and before I even get out of bed in the morning!  Stay close to me, hold me, and wrap me in your arms.  Please do the same for others.  And, please continue to seek out those who don't know you, yet.  Amen.

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