November 13

Psalm 62: 5(CEB)
“Oh I must find rest in God only, because my hope comes from him!  Only God is my rock and my salvation - my stronghold! – I will not be shaken.  My deliverance and glory depend on God.  God is my strong rock.  My refuge is in God.  All you people:  Trust in him at all times!  Pour out your hearts before him! God is our refuge!”

What is trusting God? It may be as simple as believing God loves you, God is good, and has the power to help you. We trust in so many other things, but why is it so hard to trust God?
 God wants to be first in our lives. Do we put our confidence and trust in God all the time, in everything? When we go beyond what we want, what we think and what we feel, and do what  God guides us to do, we come to a place where the blessings of God overflow in our  lives.

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