October 5


I am a fan of Korean drama, especially that which deals with personal relationships.  There is a word they use in Korean, that is actually an English word, "fighting."  It is not a word they use to hit with fists, or swing kick, or seek revenge.  It is always said with arm gestures, hands raised up to about shoulder height in determination, and a smile on the speaker's face.  It is said after a friend has come for a heart-to-heart talk, a focus has been discovered, and a goal has been set for the person who has come worried and confused.  The listener encourages the friend by repeating the goal, letting them know with the gesture, "I am with you, I am behind you, go for it!"  The listener ends with a smile, and says,"fighting!"

When I pray, I go heart-to-heart with God.  She is the listener, I am the one who is worried and confused.  I am still missing the part of finding the focus and goal, but I'm not missing the part of the encouragement.  In fact, at times, I feel the push behind me, when I see no one there, but God is saying, "fighting!"

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