September 3

For several years, including this past summer, we had wrens living on our front porch.  They live in an old toy quiver which my husband made for our children long ago and which has been hanging under the eaves of the porch.  I enjoy their noise and darting flights.  The cheeping of the young birds and the numerous trips with insects which the parents make are delightful.  I miss them when they move away.  However, sharing a porch can be problematic.  We do not sit on our swing while the baby birds are growing, and we try to keep our time on the porch to a minimum.  The parent wrens' scolding is rather fun, but they hesitate to bring food to their young while we are there.  We adjust because we want to share our porch with the little birds.

Don't we all have to make adjustments in order to share our lives with others?  As much as we may enjoy being with our friends or families or co-workers or neighbors, we must make adjustments to share our time with them.  From deciding which show to watch on TV to when to meet to shifting our schedules to care for a neighbor's dog, we adjust our lives so that we can share our lives.

Almighty Lord, you have created us to share our lives with one another and with all of your creation.  Please grant us patience, mercy, and wisdom as we work out how best we can live together.  In Jesus' name, we pray, Amen.

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