September 2

Anxiety is often our first reaction to conflict.  We feel that if we really care about the issues, we will worry and be anxious.  We may think that the more we worry, the better the outcome will be.  Not true!  Our best problem-solving resource is peace.  Anxiety can block us from finding solutions.  We can cultivate peace as we intentionally seek to surround ourselves with that which nurtures peace.  What nurtures peace for you?  Do you find peace in beautiful music or a walk in a garden?  Do you find peace in alone time in prayer or in conversation with a trusted friend?  Let us trust that by nurturing peace, we are opening ourselves to solutions to our conflicts, problems, and fears.  Let go and let God.

Heavenly Lord, you have promised us peace that passes understanding.  Help me to find that peace and open myself to your Spirit. Amen.

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