June 11

Sometimes when I think of our family trips when I was a child, I think of the bickering in the back seat between my brother and me.  When my father had endured all he could take he would say, “Don’t make me stop this car!”  That was enough to settle the two of us down with nothing more than a glare back and forth.
            I often wonder how the wayward and all too often evil behavior of humankind make the Heavenly Father want to respond.  In reading the Prophet Isaiah, I found a reassuring answer.

Scripture:  Isaiah 54:  8-10
            “I turned away angry for only a moment, but I will show you my love forever.”  …..”The mountains and hills may crumble, but my love for you will never end; I will keep forever my promise of peace.”   So says the Lord who loves you.

            Heavenly Father, we know that You love us undeservedly.  There seems to be so much evil in this world and we feel so helpless to stop it.  We also know that we often do things that anger You - unkindness to others, straying from the path you would have us follow.  Open our hearts to Your guidance and help us to work for peace that begins within our own hearts and actions.  Amen.

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