January 15

I was recently in a different part of the country and was doing a little shopping in the grocery store.  I was surprised at how polite and helpful people were to me, in the parking lot and in the store.  I overheard a customer helping another customer find an item in the dairy section when I realized how sad I felt.  I was surprised and saddened by how surprising the general kindness was to me.  Were the people in my area so impolite or unkind?  Or was I so busy and self involved at home that I missed these treasures of kindness?  I promised myself that I would try to be more aware of others in my daily life and to be kind as these people were being kind to me.

Holy Lord, please save me from myself and my self interests.  Help me to be open to you and to the people around me.  Help me to understand my true place in your plan- to be an instrument of your love.  Grow the fruit of kindness in my spirit and in my life.  In the name of Jesus Christ our Savior, Amen.

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