December 3

        Lately, I have not welcomed the first  awareness of morning when I have wakened up!  I’ve had numerous important responsibilities to fulfill—forms to fill out with hard to get  data; phone calls to make that were  likely to lead to more phone calls;  not one but numerous task areas to be completed, so that a step forward in one offered little satisfaction.  I’d wake up not rested and ready for the day, but restless and challenged by all  that needed to be done.  The day looked foreboding while lying there in bed.

            But each day I realized that as I got up and started to get organized, that feeling of being overwhelmed faded.  I instinctively started humming a hymn in my mind, and remembered some favorite scripture about God’s loving presence, and I was awake enough to be aware it was not just a day being faced by me, but by God and me.  God was not a task-master there to keep me focused, but the loving mentor sustaining me in carrying out the day’s responsibilities.  In short, it was more pleasant to be up and about with God than to be in bed waking up and facing the day all by myself.

            No wonder God is spoken of in the Bible as a shelter, a light, a guide, a parent, a friend.  Larger than all the challenges, the perils, the responsibilities, the tough choices, the disappointments of the world in each  new day is the presence of the living God, the loving Lord!

            Thank God for the sustaining positives that fill our days when we face them with God!

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