May 27

                                                   He touched me....

Recently I encountered a serious medical scare that appeared suddenly and required immediate attention. The situation caught me off guard and I needed to go to God in prayer.  I prayed this simple prayer; "God, please touch me in ways that I will let me know you are with me in this crisis."

Over the next several days, my general doctor referred me to a specialist who was able to see me within 24 hours. An MRI was needed and scheduled for the next day. A long-time friend called and offered to drive me to the test. The doctor called within an hour of the test and reported the condition, only detected through MRI imaging, was not serious and could be treated with medicine. A prescription was called in and within a few hours, the pain lessened. My prayer was heard; God was definitely there and "he touched me".

Dear God, when we are in a situation and need to feel your support and presence, remind us we can ask you to touch our life in many ways. Remind us to reach out to you and ask for the many ways you can touch our lives through actions, people, words, and prayer. Thank you for holding our hand in yours.

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