Dec. 4

The Christmas season is upon us.  As for me, I do not like to overlap my holidays. I like to plan my preparations for Thanksgiving and enjoy Thanksgiving with my family before I start preparing for Christmas. I may be in the minority with this kind of thinking. The Christmas season always tends to become a time of hustle and bustle. As we get caught up in decorating, shopping, baking, and attending Christmas parties and concerts, our to-do list grows and grows. Sometimes you might hear someone say they can’t wait until Christmas is over. We may lose sight of the reason for the Christmas season. For Christians, the Advent season began Sunday, December 3rd. During Advent, we wait and prepare for the coming of Jesus. This is a time to think about Jesus, God’s gift to us that first Christmas. He gave us the love of Jesus. We can share Jesus’ love each day. Put “sharing Jesus’ love” at the top of your list this Advent season. Take time to reflect on what God’s gift means to you.


Thank you for the wonderful gift of Jesus and his love. Help us to share his love each day. Amen.

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