January 13

My kids like to play with my computer's desktop background.  They are much better and quicker at it than I am, so I will request certain pictures or images.  I get bored with the background and ask them to switch it to new images, for example, close ups of flowers or woodland pathways.  They do a wonderful job, but they add little surprises for me.  I will be busy with something while images of beautiful oceans fade in and out, then suddenly my screen is filled with the image of their latest favorite movie character, or a cartoon.  Because these are backgrounds, it may take me a few days to notice.  They wait patiently, enjoying the moment when I discover their surprise.  It is a fun and loving connection.

I think that God does the same with us.  God fills creation and our lives with delightful surprises and enjoys our joy as we encounter them.  But, just like me and the backgrounds, we can get busy or distracted with other things and miss those delightful surprises, sometimes for a long time.

Lord God, you are ever patient and kind.  Please help us to notice the beauty and delightful surprises that await us if we only take a moment to pay attention.  Thank you for creating a world of wonder and filling it with people who can surprise us with generosity and joy.  In Jesus' name, Amen.

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