May 25

I was reading the good Samaritan parable the other day and I took away a couple different things. It made me realize that all the people who saw the man lying on the road felt that they were too good to be the one to take care of  the man. They felt that he was not worthy of their effort because they may have been powerful or busy.

Jesus teaches us to humble and to judge others not by their power or wealth, but by their character. The good Samaritan, which we should all strive to become, took compassion on the man. He gave up his time and money for a complete stranger.

I challenge you to be a Samaritan in your daily lives by taking care of the problem that you know is present and looming over you or others in your lives. If you see a piece of trash, pick it up. If you know someone in stress, help them out. Help make the world a better place for other people as a follower of Christ. 

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